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Core Values

The Ministry's Core Values (its operating beliefs, ethics and qualities), that will guide implementation of its mission to attain its vision include the following: Performance Oriented, Accountability, Transparency, Effectivenessm Responsibility, Integrity, snd Loyalty as follows:

  • Performance Oriented - Will extend and employ competencies that define the skills and support behaviors that employees to contribute effectively to the Ministry's performance, base on transparent, reliable and valid performance management systems.
  • Accountability - Will utilize policy, legal and ethical standards to underscore the importance of holding individuals accountable in the use of public services and resources
  • Transparency - Will provide services in a candid and impartial manner
  • Effectiveness - Will create linkages between employees and senior management performance to effectively contribute to the Ministry's success
  • Responsibility - Will take responsibility for its own successes and failures for being accountable to the Government and the public
  • Integrity - Will always be honest, ethical and objective in all of its deliberations, action and decisios
  • Loyalty - Will be committed and devoted to the Ministry and Government of The Gambia

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