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Policy Objectives

  1. To accelerate the promotion of petroleum exploration and production  activities in The Gambia with a view to generate more data, wealth and create jobs as well as to achieve maximum self sufficiency in energy by increasing oil and gas production.
  2. To create a conducive, stable and predictable policy, legal and regulatory framework and a competitive fiscal regime with a view to attracting direct foreign investment in the upstream sector.
  3. To promote the involvement of local Gambian individuals, business and companies in the upstream investment opportunities to ensure that The Gambia obtains the greatest possible benefits from the petroleum resources.
  4. To develop national capabilities in all aspects of the petroleum industry through training of Gambian citizens to international standards.
  5. To obtain effective transfer of appropriate technology related to petroleum operations.
  6. To promote increased Exploration & Production activities in the onshore frontier areas by providing globally competitive incentives.
  7. Computerize the management of the petroleum resources data with a view to improve the management and marketing of the data and to facilitate the licensing process.

    To ensure that petroleum operations are undertaken in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and responsible manner.

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